Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome Dragon Master DragonBlade

I'm sure you have noticed the slight change in my blog's name. As you all know, C&C and I are great friends in the wizarding world. I am pleased to announce that C&C, aka Dragon Master Blake DragonBlade, will be helping me out with this site. We get into a great deal of trouble playing together, so having him help out on the blog should spell instant hilarity for all of you! We have some fantastic ideas and a post coming up that will indeed be fun, so stay tuned. For the meantime, welcome to the dragon master!


  1. Gratz on the Strength in numbers! Wishing you future sucess.

    Oh, and, "TENURE FOR DWORGYN!"

  2. Love that you guys have combined awesomeness into one wizard101 burrito of blogging power! POW! NEWS SAUCE!