Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Power Behind the Wizard

Pet spells rock. Cute little mini version of my enemies death standing at my side! If you mess with the wizard, you have to know that these guys (and girls) will take care of us! Wizard's best friend lol! So we'd like you to meet our little friends and their larger, more deadly versions.

First, meet Zeus. Normally a mild mannered, quiet little helephant who is content to stand at the dragon master's side in silence brandishing his killer sword. But make him mad? Threaten the master? Dang you're in for trouble there! I wouldn't want to mess with that blade!

Next meet Frank. Who doesn't love a dragon! He's so red and fiery! Frank is a good boy. He comes whenever the dragon master calls him, he kills whomever he is told to, and he goes back to his home when he's done! What a good pet! Don't be fooled though, get on Frank's bad side and you'll feel those fangs! Deadly little pet. Kudos to the dragon master just for being able to control such a magnificent beast!


Lastly for now (until my necromancer levels :) is my own dearly beloved Princess Zoe! Everyone should want such a fantastic little puppy! She does dig big holes though - still working on that one. Zoe is such an affectionate pet with her flaming eyes and killer howl. She'll come cuddle up in a minute with her two sweet heads. Much nicer than her brother Cerberus who is yet guarding the river Styx in Hades and has three heads - makes him much more irritable. She is absolutely loyal and very protective. Mess with the conjurer, feel the bite. My enemies should be only too happy that I only let her howl at them - she could just bend down and snap them up!

Ok Zoe, I guess one little snack couldn't hurt. :)

So, you've met some of the power behind these two wizards. Not to say that a wizard can't take care of himself, but you have been forwarned - mess with the wizard, mess with the pet! What a deadly combination!


  1. Reminds me so much of my beloved Spike, or Queen Midnight as she likes to call herself, my Ice Colossus. Too bad she's not a tiny Frost Giant, but mini-minion does just fine.

    She's even got her pic with me on the Wiki: