Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Evening with Ivan

Recently, the dragon master and I spent an evening (and I do mean an entire evening, or wait, maybe it was more than that - long enough that I can't remember lol) farming poor Ivan SoulSinger in hopes of proving the "be crabby" theory. Unfortunatley, I must report that so far we have had no luck. The evening started out well! I mean really, how much trouble could one little possessed wizard be! I found that Ivan is more stubborn that I am! He simply would not drop that sword. We tried yelling at him, using all caps of course. He only scowled at us. Apparently, Ivan is not to be bullied. We tried insulting him (he does kinda look like a little boy). Not even a flinch - not even when, well, never mind. We even, on a last desperate note, tried flattery. I guess I'm not Ivan's type :) I would dearly love to repeat our conversation with Ivan here, but I am not sure it would be appreciated by all. Beyond a ridiculous amout of laughter at what we were saying, no results. With the way he flips that sword around, its amazing he hasn't taken his own head off or at least managed to skewer his minion! So Ivan gets to keep his sword for the time being. But we will prevail! We're just taking a break to put him off guard!

On a slightly more positive note, we also spent a couple days farming Jade Oni for a particular fire robe (have to sate the dragon master's need for new clothes). Though it did indeed take a long time, I got my death boots and the dragon master did get his fire robes! The picture above just happens to be the killing blow that made Jade finally give up the robes. Guess I should have had a screen cap of the finally acquired and much treasured items. I guess it is also kind of nice that everything useless we do get does sell quite nicely!

Next on the list? Perhaps Malistaire. Lots of goodies to be had there! And who knows, maybe we can prove the theory right after all. To be continued...


  1. Best wishes on your continued farming efforts!

  2. WOW whats farming can you grow storm hounds!!!!!