Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Very Unintended Party

You know, I really like the teleportation tool in Wizard 101. I have found it to be incredibly useful. However, I need to vent a little here. Let me set the stage... So here I am in my own beautiful house in MooShu working on some home repairs :) when a friend teleports to me. No big deal - chat for a minute and get back to what I'm doing, right? Except, when he ports in ten people port to him and ten to each of them and I am stuck with a house full of people I do not know and did not invite and cannot get to leave! I can't even be alone in my own house! So when my real friends port in I can't even think let alone talk to them and they are left with a very wrong impression of me if some of those people in my house are not the type I'd accept as friends. I think KI should have a remove all function. Push a button and woosh everyone is suddenly standing back in the commons wondering what happened. All right, I think I'm good now. It might have been the language post that set me off on this as I've had a lot of trouble dealing with that issue lately as well. Thank you for allowing me to vent :)

- The Countess

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  1. YES! Finally, someone who sees it my way. I am tired myself of this. Like, you teleport to me. Hey, that's fine, you're one of my closest friends. Someone will teleport to you. That's fine too. Just around three people. That isn't going to hurt anything. But when a random person teleports to your friend, and a random person teleports to them, etc., it just gets plain annoying! Glad I'm not the only one with this problem.