Friday, June 5, 2009

The Life of a Bored Grandmaster :)

My first character, Amanda ShadowBane, finished the game some time ago. The road was long and thoroughly enjoyable! In the process, I had the chance to make new friends and I also unfortunatley lost some. Not cool when you make it to level forty or so and the person you've played with up to that level simply vanishes! Funny to feel so alone in a place where there are so many people :) It changes your entire fighting style when you're used to fighting with someone who is no longer there. So as I have been finished, I have concentrated on pure unadulterated fun! I live to help others attain the level I have so that when Grizzleheim finally opens, I will have friends to play with!

Occasionally a friend and I do settle for playing tricks on the little novices down in Triton Avenue. That first kraken fight is just so intense for the novice wizard, its hard not to have a little fun with them, so we don mismatched wizard city clothing, remove the rare pets and swords, and put on a show! We join the fight and comment on how incredibly strong the kraken is and how we will never be able to defeat him - no spell could be that strong! Oh no however will we survive! We have a ridiculously dramatic script. Then we pull out orthrus or the scarecrow and watch the little novices stand back in shock and awe! Then to reveal the true us after the fight - ds clothing, sparkly sword, orthrus at my side - it's priceless - you should try it sometime!

It's nice to have something to do besides farm for more equipment or help out on quests all the time. Of course I do also have my death wizard to work on. She is Amanda Pixiewhisper, adept necromancer. Death rocks! So does myth lol. So this is my life as a grandmaster who has nothing to do lol! If you need some help, you can find me - I'm always up for a good fight! And if you come up with something incredibly fun to do, count me in! I realize this is kind of a random info post, but then what are blogs for :)


  1. We'll definitely have to pull that one on them. Sounds fun! And yeah, that is the life of a bored grandmaster. I've lived it myself. :P Btw, I thought Amanda Pixiewhisper was magus. Or am I wrong? O. o

  2. C&C you are absolutely right! I am a magus not an adept! Thank you for the correction! What a silly mistake to make! Ha!

  3. haha I know exactly what you're talking about. I have a post over at my place that talks about going to unicorn way, getting in a groups, and putting on a show. Fun stuff.

  4. Fantastic! That sounds like fun lol! We'll have to meet up sometime - great minds think alike! Could be fun :)