Monday, June 15, 2009

Ah Sweet Success!!!

I have long been frustrated with the fact that everyone I know has a statue and I do not. I've tried with no success - plenty of statue base drops, resulting in empty statue bases sitting all over my property, but no statues :( So, today, while helping a friend with Jade Oni and expecting nothing, I got a statue! That lovely oni decided I needed a statue of Koto! Now, honestly, the ninja pig would not have been my first choice, but hey - its a statue and I'm happy! As an added bonus, when I got him placed at the castle, I noticed that his sword sparkles! So like the silly necromancer that I am, I stood there and admired him for a long time. Did a silly little dance to celebrate my triumph, and then I yelled my success at the dragon master in all caps (he thought I was nuts) and proceeded to bother everyone on my list with my ridiculously happy mood. Sweet success! Finally a statue for this girl! Incidentally, you'll also notice my other triumph in the picture - I did finally manage to get Ivan SoulSinger's sword and his lovely winged hat! Combine that with the Jade Oni death boots, and all in all its been a good couple of days. Still a lot of collecting to do, and hey, one statue is simply not enough! But for now I am content.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Evening with Ivan

Recently, the dragon master and I spent an evening (and I do mean an entire evening, or wait, maybe it was more than that - long enough that I can't remember lol) farming poor Ivan SoulSinger in hopes of proving the "be crabby" theory. Unfortunatley, I must report that so far we have had no luck. The evening started out well! I mean really, how much trouble could one little possessed wizard be! I found that Ivan is more stubborn that I am! He simply would not drop that sword. We tried yelling at him, using all caps of course. He only scowled at us. Apparently, Ivan is not to be bullied. We tried insulting him (he does kinda look like a little boy). Not even a flinch - not even when, well, never mind. We even, on a last desperate note, tried flattery. I guess I'm not Ivan's type :) I would dearly love to repeat our conversation with Ivan here, but I am not sure it would be appreciated by all. Beyond a ridiculous amout of laughter at what we were saying, no results. With the way he flips that sword around, its amazing he hasn't taken his own head off or at least managed to skewer his minion! So Ivan gets to keep his sword for the time being. But we will prevail! We're just taking a break to put him off guard!

On a slightly more positive note, we also spent a couple days farming Jade Oni for a particular fire robe (have to sate the dragon master's need for new clothes). Though it did indeed take a long time, I got my death boots and the dragon master did get his fire robes! The picture above just happens to be the killing blow that made Jade finally give up the robes. Guess I should have had a screen cap of the finally acquired and much treasured items. I guess it is also kind of nice that everything useless we do get does sell quite nicely!

Next on the list? Perhaps Malistaire. Lots of goodies to be had there! And who knows, maybe we can prove the theory right after all. To be continued...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why C&C aka Blake DragonBlade is a Pyromancer

And there you have it - why the dragon master became a pyromancer! Although if you'd seen him change as many times as I have, you'd think it was for the wardrobe! Ha ha just kidding Blake! Wonder if Frank likes pizza too since he's all about fire? Hmm...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Power Behind the Wizard

Pet spells rock. Cute little mini version of my enemies death standing at my side! If you mess with the wizard, you have to know that these guys (and girls) will take care of us! Wizard's best friend lol! So we'd like you to meet our little friends and their larger, more deadly versions.

First, meet Zeus. Normally a mild mannered, quiet little helephant who is content to stand at the dragon master's side in silence brandishing his killer sword. But make him mad? Threaten the master? Dang you're in for trouble there! I wouldn't want to mess with that blade!

Next meet Frank. Who doesn't love a dragon! He's so red and fiery! Frank is a good boy. He comes whenever the dragon master calls him, he kills whomever he is told to, and he goes back to his home when he's done! What a good pet! Don't be fooled though, get on Frank's bad side and you'll feel those fangs! Deadly little pet. Kudos to the dragon master just for being able to control such a magnificent beast!


Lastly for now (until my necromancer levels :) is my own dearly beloved Princess Zoe! Everyone should want such a fantastic little puppy! She does dig big holes though - still working on that one. Zoe is such an affectionate pet with her flaming eyes and killer howl. She'll come cuddle up in a minute with her two sweet heads. Much nicer than her brother Cerberus who is yet guarding the river Styx in Hades and has three heads - makes him much more irritable. She is absolutely loyal and very protective. Mess with the conjurer, feel the bite. My enemies should be only too happy that I only let her howl at them - she could just bend down and snap them up!

Ok Zoe, I guess one little snack couldn't hurt. :)

So, you've met some of the power behind these two wizards. Not to say that a wizard can't take care of himself, but you have been forwarned - mess with the wizard, mess with the pet! What a deadly combination!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome Dragon Master DragonBlade

I'm sure you have noticed the slight change in my blog's name. As you all know, C&C and I are great friends in the wizarding world. I am pleased to announce that C&C, aka Dragon Master Blake DragonBlade, will be helping me out with this site. We get into a great deal of trouble playing together, so having him help out on the blog should spell instant hilarity for all of you! We have some fantastic ideas and a post coming up that will indeed be fun, so stay tuned. For the meantime, welcome to the dragon master!

The Advice of a Friend - Be Crabby!!!

C&C and I were farming for stuff last night. Yes the picture is of us, although its not a very good screen cap. Fortunately for him, it was his lucky night! Either that or I was a good luck charm :) He got everything he wanted! And he had to change every time he got something new - I warned him that I could do an entire post just about his wardrobe changes complete with pictures! Ha! I will hang on to that idea :) I, however, got nothing. His advice was this - Be Crabby! Apparently I'm too nice. His philosophy is that if you rant and rave enough at the boss, they'll drop what you want hehe! It seems to work for him, although after convincing me to try the same tactic (of which I felt pretty silly though he certainly got a kick out of it) it did not work for me. I guess I'm just not a crabby enough person! So, I think I'll have to test this theory over the next couple of days and we'll just see if C&C is right or not! Have to reach deep down and find a meaner, crabbier me! So look forward to another post with the results of the crabby test! Ok let me practice...GIVE ME MY SWORD! Yeah, that still feels silly...

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Random Screen Shots

Meet Amanda PixieWhisper

Here is the other me, Amanda PixieWhisper. I obtained the coveted rank of Master a day or two ago and now have my wraith spell! I am truly loving being a necromancer, though I do miss my puppy (orthrus) that Shadowbane has. The art of death is strong, and I love being able to heal myself by stealing health from my enemies. I am currently finishing MooShu and will be on my way to DragonSpyre very soon. Yet again, it has been fun. Think maybe I'll try fire next...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Very Unintended Party

You know, I really like the teleportation tool in Wizard 101. I have found it to be incredibly useful. However, I need to vent a little here. Let me set the stage... So here I am in my own beautiful house in MooShu working on some home repairs :) when a friend teleports to me. No big deal - chat for a minute and get back to what I'm doing, right? Except, when he ports in ten people port to him and ten to each of them and I am stuck with a house full of people I do not know and did not invite and cannot get to leave! I can't even be alone in my own house! So when my real friends port in I can't even think let alone talk to them and they are left with a very wrong impression of me if some of those people in my house are not the type I'd accept as friends. I think KI should have a remove all function. Push a button and woosh everyone is suddenly standing back in the commons wondering what happened. All right, I think I'm good now. It might have been the language post that set me off on this as I've had a lot of trouble dealing with that issue lately as well. Thank you for allowing me to vent :)

- The Countess

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Life of a Bored Grandmaster :)

My first character, Amanda ShadowBane, finished the game some time ago. The road was long and thoroughly enjoyable! In the process, I had the chance to make new friends and I also unfortunatley lost some. Not cool when you make it to level forty or so and the person you've played with up to that level simply vanishes! Funny to feel so alone in a place where there are so many people :) It changes your entire fighting style when you're used to fighting with someone who is no longer there. So as I have been finished, I have concentrated on pure unadulterated fun! I live to help others attain the level I have so that when Grizzleheim finally opens, I will have friends to play with!

Occasionally a friend and I do settle for playing tricks on the little novices down in Triton Avenue. That first kraken fight is just so intense for the novice wizard, its hard not to have a little fun with them, so we don mismatched wizard city clothing, remove the rare pets and swords, and put on a show! We join the fight and comment on how incredibly strong the kraken is and how we will never be able to defeat him - no spell could be that strong! Oh no however will we survive! We have a ridiculously dramatic script. Then we pull out orthrus or the scarecrow and watch the little novices stand back in shock and awe! Then to reveal the true us after the fight - ds clothing, sparkly sword, orthrus at my side - it's priceless - you should try it sometime!

It's nice to have something to do besides farm for more equipment or help out on quests all the time. Of course I do also have my death wizard to work on. She is Amanda Pixiewhisper, adept necromancer. Death rocks! So does myth lol. So this is my life as a grandmaster who has nothing to do lol! If you need some help, you can find me - I'm always up for a good fight! And if you come up with something incredibly fun to do, count me in! I realize this is kind of a random info post, but then what are blogs for :)

Random question for you all

What's with the evil tree in DragonSpyre Academy? Did I miss part of the storyline (entirely possible) or is this explained somewhere? Hmm...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome. I am incredibly new to all of this so bear with me as I work through and change my blog here. I am an avid fan of everything Wizard 101 as I am sure all of you will see soon enough! So welcome, and I do indeed hope to meet you somewhere on the spiral..