Sunday, July 5, 2009

27,861 Take That Oyotomi!

First, I must apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for a couple of weeks here. Life just got crazy! Had to choose bettwen time to play or time to blog, and I'm afraid I chose to play :). But I'm back after much prodding from the dragon master!

My first item of note involves the above picture. I recently, as a test, decided to try and setup a big hit just to see what I could do. Oyotomi was the unlucky recipient of my wrath. After 13 assorted traps, blades, feints, curses, etc... I managed a hit of 27,861. Not too bad! I was really quite pleased, especially considering the fact that I was missing one hex and a blade. Yay me! Death Rules! Oh, and Autumn, you will be interested to know that, even after that hit, Oyotomi still didn't give up anything good.

I scored the Hydra statue from Vika Markmaker in crystal grove - that made my day! Think I'll have to go after the helephant stat next...

Finally, after much determination and lots of work, I got my coveted scarecrow spell, my darling wraith, whom I named Jasper, and I gained the title of Grandmaster! Ah what a wonderful feeling! I had to take a moment to don my level fifty gear that I could FINALLY wear! Here - this will make the dragon master jealous hehe - my malistaire drake ebon robe, spiderkeeper's darkshroud, kraysys boots of retreat, soulsingers soulsword, gurtok mortis steel, soulsingers blade, and my grimcaster's doomfaring deck - dang am I lucky or what?!? And that's just it, luck was on my side lol. Took a break from Dragonspyre and headed over to check out Grizzleheim. Love the look of Grizzleheim! Fun to have something new, though it didn't last very long. Two days and its finished already. Oh well, back to DragonSpyre I guess!

That sums up the last couple of weeks in a nutshell. I realize this is more of an information post than anything fun, so I shall strive to make the next one that much better, and again I apologize for disappearing! See you all soon -

The Countess


  1. Edit your post. It took ME two days, took you three. And Reed and Pad even beat ME, finishing it in a day.

  2. Gratz, gratz, and Gratz. And after all that, STILL no Jade Blade? I do believe we ought pay him a visit together, you *convince* him.

    Gratz on having the gear ahead of time, as well. I don't believe anyone will be picking up a robe from Malistaire anytime soon. I know I need to re-visit him

    Praying for Nerf,

    -Autumn Duskhunter

  3. Michael: Actually, I do not need to edit, dragon master, because it did only take me two days. I just wasn't with you for the first day :)

    Autumn: Name the time and we will SO go have a chat with Oyotomi! The gear? Just luck.

  4. Point is, I beat you.

  5. Oops lol I used the wrong account - that should have been countess hehe. And ok, that's fair, you did beat me :)

  6. Ok geez - take three! Not signing in with the wrong one again!

  7. Hello I was wondering if you would like to come for the first ever blog meet and greet. Where fans meet the bloggers and bloggers meet other bloggers. This would take place Sunday, July 12 at 5pm eastern time if you can make it get back to me but if you can't we will try to change the date and time so we can all make it. Hope to see you there

  8. I would love to come! Date and time works for me - let me know if its a go. I'll try and snag DragonBlade too. Sounds like fun - thanks!