Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Meet and Greet

Wow. And I didn't know you could cram so many people into one area lol. Absolute craziness. Nice to finally meet some of you though - and I am sorry I missed others. I kinda have my doubts anyone was actually there to meet me but hey I got to meet people I needed to put a face to a name with!
The lineup of bloggers. At least I am easy to see as the pink necromancer lol. Although I cannot stand out quite as much as Thomas there lol.

My computer was running so slowly at this point that I didn't catch much and I certainly couldn't find any of the people I was looking for. Still, tons of fun.

The run to Malistaire following the meet and greet with the dragon master and Sean EmeraldWeaver.
*Sigh* Lots of fun - thanks all!


  1. O.M.G. I AM SO FREAKED THAT I MISSED IT! *curses self* UGH! PLEASE TELL ME THAT THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE! i REALLY wanted to meet you and Thomas Lion Blood!

  2. Hey! I did a blog thing about Uncle Malistre a month ago!