Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok I have a bone to pick here. I have, somewhere along the way, become a collector of swords among other items. Farming, farming, and more farming. It takes a lot of work to acquire some of those items! However, they just rattle around in my backpack where no one can see them! Would it not be TOO cool to be able to display them all in your house? I guess you know where I'd vote on my poll lol. I'd like to be able to display backpack items. And I'm also one of those "I love my house" people too. I've worked hard on my house! I would simply love to be able to have a wall of weaponry in my home! Total bragging rights - come and watch the sparkles :). Speaking of sparkles, you know how you can dye your outfits? I would love to be able to change the color of the sparkles a sword gives off to match my outfit. Guess I'm full of ideas today... So, tell me, anybody else out there wishing for a display option? Ooh ooh ooh maybe swords and armor too! Hmm...


  1. Thomas, Duke of ChautauquaJuly 14, 2009 at 12:26 PM

    Excellency and Cousin,
    Outstanding Idea to make trophies of any item crafted or earned. Or bought, really. Early on I took to collecting wands while the young Marquess who quests with me decided he wanted to collect pets. So they sit in the backpack, admired by us but no other. I would think it rather simple to convert the item to a mountable trophy.

    We remain Always Your Friend,
    His Grace, Thomas Corwin

  2. Well there are the mannequins . . . but they can't hold swords. :( . . . yet . . .

  3. Your grace: Thank you once again :) Your comments are always appreciated. And I agree!

    Stingite: I need to work on the mannequins, but I still want a way to display the swords lol. Congrats on the *gasp* new life wizard btw lol.

  4. Heck, I'd rather have my swords in my backpack. one thing, brag about it to people. Look how many swords I HAVE! And two, housing? In my opinion, the worst feature ever. xD I hate houses, I'd rather live in the bazaar. That's why I sold all mine.

  5. Well, with the mannequins as a "test bed" for display options, and since the display racks are already "in game", just not "usable", I forsee craftable racks to load with your acquires wands/staffs/weapons.