Monday, November 9, 2009

The Countess has Returned to the Spiral :)

Hello! It really is me :) I'm actually back this time. I apologize for my long absence, life just gets in the way sometimes. However, I have worked past those things restricting my time here and I am well and truly back. So much to tell you! So many things have happened in game since I've posted. But as I seem to have a problem with daily content (rofl) I shall save each one for a separate post! Aha! You hate me now lol. Shadowbane has been busy, as have PixieWhisper and StormWeaver. (Wait, did she say StormWeaver? Who's that? Huh? Does the countess have a new wizard? A new grand? Maybe with wings in arena?) Oops. Gave something away there. Oh well, consider that a free teaser :D The point is, I am back and I appreciate your patience. Upcoming today is a post on Animate. I look forward to seeing you all again! Another picture just to tease haha! See ya soon!

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