Saturday, August 15, 2009

House of the Week UPDATE! Check this out!

After posting about Reed's MooShu Palace, he added a lot more inside and out (enough to max the 150 item limit outdoors), and I tell ya what, that boy has ideas! So, I must post an update so all can see how fabulous this little paradise has become! Reed's palace is an excellent example of what can be done with a house - the possibilities are endless when you have ideas like he has! He has taken an empty simple home and turned it into a place that I love to be - it is simply fantastic and full of surprises! This is also what a guy with 5 grandmasters does with his spare time :). I'm telling you, he has a vision!

The picture above is indeed what it seems. Reed built a massive bridge out of chessboards that starts in a peaceful beautiful grove at one end of his property, circles around, and ends at his favorite spot, giving a fantastic view of the palace and grounds from afar. I mean really, just LOOK at this! It's breathtaking!

Here you can see the grove where the bridge starts.

The bridge ends here, at Reed's favorite spot with the tree, the waterfall, and all the tiger lillies :).

He circled the entryway with trees as well. Such awesome details (of course I'm a sucker for trees lol). Every inch has been customized into a personal paradise, but none of it is the least bit random or thrown together. Everything has been well thought out and items placed to maximize beauty and aesthetic quality.
A view from the spiral door. Reed added trees on either side of the ramp as well which hides the house from view.

My special spot - all the tiger lillies :).

What can I say? There is not one spot on the island that is not beautiful and peaceful. Reed has done a fantastic job.

Reed has made a few changes indoors as well. A wall of dogfish statues.

Enchanted ice cream!

And who knew we could fly!
If you take nothing else from this, take a look at the MooShu Palace next time you have a chance before anyone moves in. See what Reed has taken this place from and what he has created. This should show you the amazing possibilities and the fun you can have with housing! I don't think I can hope to create a place that can compete with this, but it does make me want to try lol. I am excited to see what Reed will do next, and to see which house he will show next. Thank you again Reed -


  1. Whoa! I SO love that house! That's going to be an inspiration for my house! I want a place filled with tranquility and peace. I think that is the greatest house I have ever seen ( Stingite's maze comes in a far second). I love it! Awesome job Reed!

  2. GIMME CREDIT REED! (I'm the one who gave him the idea :D)

  3. OMG that is so amazeing I guess I'll work on my house since well now I've lost my teliport ability to Mu sho . . .

  4. hey. i think i know you on wizard101.

    are you myth amanda shadowbane?

    i am luke redblood

  5. Hey Luke! Yes I am Amanda ShadowBane - she's my myth grand. My death is named Amanda PixieWhisper. And yes we are friends lol.