Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Featured House of the Week

Housing is just cool. I know opinions range far and wide on the housing subject from literal obsession with creating the perfect house to thinking the whole idea is ridiculous. I, predictably enough, am one of the first. I think that housing is one of the most unique and customizable options of this game. The ability to choose your house, the items to put into it, working for special drops, farming for statues and rare items, and collecting all sorts of housing items - just fun. But then comes the more difficult part - arranging it into a home and making it purely yours, something different from anyone else. I have visited lots of houses (always up for that lol), and I thought that since many of you do a housing item feature, I would perhaps do a house feature. I think it is incredibly interesting to see how people arrange their homes and how they use both items that everyone receives and more rare drops as well. The first lucky victim, I mean winner, is a very good friend of mine, Reed NightSword, who has opened all of his homes to me. The house showcased today is his first house on his first grandmaster - the MooShu Imperial Palace. In one word? Serenity. Above you see the grand entrance.

The MooShu houses offer a tranquility and peace unlike the rest. They are a place where your mind can rest from the game and enjoy beauty.

Reed's favorite spot. What's not to love? Beautiful tree, waterfall....sigh...

The entry into the palace.

Reed has a number of statues that continue to elude me, including the unicorn. You may have also noticed the trion, the cyclops, colossus, and others.

When you walk inside, a comfortable starry scape awaits. Very welcoming... I have found that houses most often match their owners personality. A lot of "you" goes into the creation of a home. So it is only logical that Reed's house would be a very warm, inviting place to enter.

Always ready for a party :).

The master's room.

Drake egg nestled down on its own bed.

An entire room for crafting - now that is dedication!

Thank you Reed for sharing the first of your beautiful homes with us. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!


  1. Very nice graphics. =)

  2. It's really nice Reed.

    Though Amanada, you've gotta post the cons of this feature.

    I personally am not a fan, I only use mine for the spiral door.

    A HUGE con that many of us hate is the fact that this makes farming even MORE impossible than it already is.

    Christ DeathGiver over at Wizard101central though suggested a GREAT fix to this.

    Simply install a turn housing drops on or off button.

    That's an absolute great idea, and I really hope Kingsisle goes along with the idea.

  3. I respect and appreciate your comments Blake. Everyone is allowed their opinion, and your idea to turn off housing drops is a great one for those who do not wish to have anything to do with housing. Seems like a perfect solution to make both sides happy. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I'm farming prince Alicain for my firecat statue and my sprite pet I already got my unicorn. It took me 3 fights with lady blakhope but I fought alicain about 230 times and he still won't give me anything good (well that other plant was cool)

  5. When you say you have a Big Dog in your profile, do you mean Zoe or one in real life? :P